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DASP Poverty Modules



Estimates the  multidimensional poverty indices and theirs standard errors taking full account of survey design.




- Chakravarty, Mukherjee, and Ranade (1998) MD poverty index.
- Extended Watts MD Poverty Index.
- Multiplicative FGT index.
- Tsui_2002 index.
- Intersection MD Poverty Index.
- Union Headcount MDl Poverty Index.
- Bourguignon and Chakravarty_2003 MD Poverty Index.
- Alkire and Foster (2011) MD Poverty Index.






Multiple Overlapping Deprivation Analysis indices:

The imoda DASP module produces a series of multidimensional poverty indices in order to show the incidence of deprivation in each dimension. Further, this application estimates the incidence of multi-deprivation in the different combinations of dimensions.


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