Distributive Analysis Stata Package

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Why use the Stata software?

The Stata software has become in the last 20 years a very popular tool to transform and process data. It comes with a large number of basic data management modules that are efficient for working with large datasets. The flexibility of Stata also enables programmers to provide specialized .ado routines to add to the power of the software.

How can DASP be helpful?

DASP (Distributive Analysis Stata Package) can be used to perform distributive analysis.

What is already available in Stata for distributive analysis?

Some Stata .ado files already exist for the computation of some specific distributive indices or for plotting some distributive curves.  The available modules often have, however, the following disadvantages:

  • They do not have an unified syntax;
  • In some cases, basic options such as those for weighting data, are not available;
  • Standard errors are not provided or do not take into account survey survey design effects.

In which way does DASP differ from these available modules?

DASP's modules are designed to:

  • estimate most of the popular indices and curves in the field of distributive analysis;
  • support the use of more than one data base;
  • perform the most popular decomposition procedures;
  • unify the syntax and the provision of parameters;
  • provide systematically standard errors that take into account survey design effects.

Another software: DAD www.mimap.ecn.ulaval.ca

DAD : Distributive Analysis / Analyse Distributive


  • is freely distributed;
  • it does not require purchasing any commercial software;
  • is very user friendly;
  • provides a broad coverage of distributive analysis;
  • is limited to 30 variables;
  • is not designed to provide basic data processing tools;
  • does not support the use of data with missing values.



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