Training material for the UNDP-PEP project on "Capacity strengthening for poverty and social impact analysis in Sub-Saharan Africa"; first used during a workshop held in Kampala on 23-27 November 2009; updated on 31 March 2010

by Abdelkrim Araar, Sami Bibi and Jean-Yves Duclos

1.  Concepts and measurement of well-being (including concepts of multidimensionality)

2.  Basic normative and descriptive tools for understanding and comparing welfare (Part 1/ Part 2)

3.  Inequality and equity (Part 1 / Part 2)

4.  Poverty indices and poverty lines (including how to adjust for spatial and temporal differences in prices and poverty baskets) (Part 1 / Part 2)

5.  Robustness and dominance

6.  Pro-poor analysis

7.  Impact analysis of fiscal and macro shocks

8.  Targeting and benefit incidence

9.  Measurement of multidimensional poverty

     10. Welfare dynamics and use of panel data

11. List of notation used