Workshop on poverty and social impact analysis

Dakar, Senegal, 08-12 June 2010

Facilitators:  Abdelkrim Araar,  Jean-Yves Duclos and Stephen Younger

Main topics of the program

Introductory and general topics

1.       Concepts and measurement of well-being (including concepts of multidimensionality)

2.       Learning Stata and the Distributive Analysis for Stata Package (DASP)   (part 1  / part2

3.       Basic normative and descriptive tools for understanding and comparing welfare  

4.       Sampling, inference and testing (part 1  / part 2

5.       Inequality and equity (Part 1 / Part 2 )

6.       Poverty indices and poverty lines (including how to adjust for spatial and temporal differences in prices and poverty baskets) (Part 1   / Part 2 )

7.     Pro-poor analysis (other docs)

8.       Impact analysis of fiscal and macro shocks

9.       Benefit incidence  


   Additional topics

  1. Measurement of multidimensional poverty
  2. Welfare dynamics and use of panel data
  3. Robustness and dominance
  4. Introduction to econometric analysis with Stata (part1 / Part2)


Program of two earlier workshops:

November 2009 pilot workshop


April 2010 pilot workshop


       Exercises & Ansewrs


       Downloading the last update of DASP