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Estimation of FGT poverty indices


How poor was Burkina Faso in 1994?


  1. Open the bkf94.dta file and label variables and values using the do file lab_bkf94.do.  Type the describe command and then label list to list labels.

  2. Set the sampling design and then save the file (use variables strata, psu, and weight)
  3. Estimate the headcount index using variables of interest expcc and expeq.

    1. You should set Size to household size in order to estimate poverty over the population of individuals.

    2. Use the so-called 1994 official poverty line of 41099 Francs CFA per year.

  4. Estimate the headcount index using the same procedure as above except that the poverty line is now set to 60% of the median.

  5. Using the official poverty line, how does the headcount index for male- and female-headed households compare?

  6. Can you draw a 99% confidence interval around the previous comparison? Also, set the number of decimals to 4.






If bkf94.dta is saved in the directory c:/data, type the following command to open it:

use "C:\data\bkf94.dta", clear


If lab_bkf94.do is saved in the directory c:/do_files, type the following command to label variables and labels:


do "C:\do_files\lab_bkf94.do"


Typing the command describe, we obtain:






You can set the sampling design with a dialog box, as indicated in Section 14.3, or simply by typing


svyset psu [pweight=weight], strata(strata) vce(linearized) singleunit(missing)


Typing svydes, we obtain





Type bd ipov to open the dialog box for  poverty indices and choose variables and parameters as indicated in the following window. Click on Submit.



The following results should then be displayed:















Select Relative for the poverty line and set the other parameters as above.



After clicking on Submit, the following results should be displayed:













Set the group variable to sex.




Clicking on Submit, the following should appear:















Using the panel Confidence interval, set the confidence level to 99 % and set the number of decimals to 4 in the Results panel.





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