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Estimation of FGT poverty curves


How sensitive to the choice of a poverty line is the rural-urban difference in poverty?


  1. Open bkf94I.dta

  2. Open the FGT curves dialog box.

  3. Draw FGT curves for variables of interest exppc and expeq with

    1. parameter ;

    2. poverty line between 0 and 100,000 Franc CFA;

    3. size variable set to size;

    4. subtitle of the figure set to “Burkina 1994”.

  4. Draw FGT curves for urban and rural residents with

    1. variable of interest set to expcap;

    2. parameter ;

    3. poverty line between 0 and 100,000 Franc CFA;

    4. size variable set to size.

  5. Draw the difference between these two curves and

    1. save the graph in *.gph format to be plotted in Stata and in *.wmf format to be inserted in a Word document.

    2. List the coordinates of the graph.

  6. Redo the last graph with.



 Open the file with

 use "C:\data\bkf94I.dta", clear



 Open the dialog box by typing

 db difgt



 Choose variables and parameters as follows:






To change the subtitle, select the Title panel and write the subtitle.




After clicking Submit, the following graph appears:







Choose variables and parameters as in the following window:





After clicking Submit, the following graph appears:






  • Choose the option Difference and select: With the first curve;

  • Indicate that the group variable is zone;

  • Select the Results panel and choose the option List in the Coordinates quadrant.

  • In the Graph quadrant, select the directory in which to save the graph in gph format and to export the graph in wmf format.









After clicking Submit, the following appears:












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